I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for helping me over the years, but especially for helping my daughter, Stephonie.

You may recall that Stephonie has suffered with headaches most of her life. I remember her having headaches and migraines as early as 7 years old. It was hard, but I finally convinced her that having headaches 4 to 6 times each week is not normal and that she should give you a try. So in December of 2015 we came in. She had heard that when you start going to a chiropractor you always have to go.

I have to give her credit; she did what you asked. She came in 3 times a week in the beginning. We also kept a log as to how many headaches and or migraines she would have each week.

In January of this year she had 3 headaches and 3 migraines. Not good, but a BIG improvement. In fact, sometime in January she said “dad, it’s been 5 days without a headache. I don’t ever remember going that long without one.”

In February she had 4, with 2 of them lasting all day, but no migraines.

In March she had 3, with 1 lasting all day, but again no migraines.

In April she had 3 with none lasting all day and no migraines!

Sometime during February, I reminded her what she had said but I changed it a bit. Once you start going to a good Chiropractor you don’t always have to go-you always WANT to go. It feels good to feel good. (She turned 21 this month and did have one the morning after, but we don’t count the ones that are self-inflicted.) She and I can’t thank you enough.

– Nick and Stephonie

My daughter (5 months) & I came in for our first initial wellness visit the other day, and wow..we had such a great experience from beginning to end…even when making the appointment over the phone, I knew I had picked a great place. All the girls who work there are so sweet, from being greeted behind the window to getting my X-rays, the entire staff was just so helpful! My daughter was getting a little antsy and they had no issue with it, made me feel fine and even had another staff member hold her during my X rays so I didn’t have to put her in her car seat..(which my daughter loved all the attention!) Dr Rauch was so gentle with her..(I didn’t really have any major concerns with her, I just know labor can be trying on both baby and mama and just wanted to make sure all was good) so after he did, whatever he did (tiny “adjustment” if you even want to call it that on the back, she was literally super giggly and happy..(even though I know some babies can cry just because it’s a new person/place, getting spine touched etc so don’t worry if your baby does cry!) he really did a great job with me, I knew I needed a little bit of work from being in a car accident years prior and what have you..so he adjusted me and I felt great..was not sore at all..I had my 2nd appointment today and was in & out which was nice & convenient! I can not recommend this place enough! I am soo happy I found this place!! (on a whim from my insurance website which listed 20 other places…I went by which business had been around the longest and had good reviews on Google) I have no problem driving the 15-20 minute for the upmost professional care that this center offers all the way around! 🙂

Should also note, he is a top chiropractor year after year after year and I can see why! Super nice guy who knows what he’s doing..he has been in business for a very long time which tells you right there, he’s doing something right!!

– Kera M.

My 18 month old son had 7 ear infections in 1 year and wasn’t walking yet. His balance was off and he wasn’t able to take any more than a couple of steps before falling. We took him to a neurologist, physical therapist, and pediatrician but they did not have an answer. I was desperate to find help for my son. My father and I have had great results from Dr. Rauch in the past for back pain so I decided to bring him in. The results have been AMAZING! He doubled his steps he could take before after the first visit and was completely walking within 2 weeks. It’s only been a month and he hasn’t had an ear infection and is running and jumping! I am so grateful for Dr. Rauch.

– Andrea J.

I can’t imagine not having Dr. Rauch and his staff as a major part of my healthcare.

– Marianne P.

Great results! The doctor really keeps me aligned. The staff is friendly and Dr. Rauch is genuine and shows care to patients.

– Jarod B.

Dr. Rauch was very caring and gentle. Would refer and highly recommend him to anyone.

– Jennie M.

Always good! What a great staff!!

– Kristin K.

The staff is very friendly and Dr. Rauch has relieved my pain.

– Melissa N.

I feel better and I have more energy. Dr. Rauch is concerned with my overall well being. Not only did I get adjustments but I also get suggestions on things I should or should not do so my back can be healthy.

– Anonymous

Dr. Rauch treats me in a completely professional, competent manner. Equally important, he is personable and interested in me. In fact, the entire staff at Rauch Chiropractic makes it a very pleasant experience to visit the doctor.

– Bill B.

When I first started at Rauch Chiropractic, I had relief immediately. My family has come there for many years and we all have had great success. Dr. Rauch and his staff are all wonderful.

– Sandy S.

Deciding to come to a chiropractor was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my health. For the first time in 17 years I have been able to move my neck. I had tried everything during the 17 years. Nothing worked. Thank you for finally giving me mobility in my neck.

– Tracie C.

I had to retire as a result of injuries to my lower back. Chiropractic has allowed me to maintain a respectible and reasonably pain free lifestyle since the injuries.

– Ron N.

Dr. Rauch and staff have FAR surpassed my expectations. I have improved dramatically.

– Susan L.

PEMF Therapy Testimonials

Due to injuries sustained in a very serious automobile accident many years ago, I’ve had numerous back and hip problems. As time has passed the pain from those injures has magnified. There were some days I had a hard time just standing up. The pain interfered with my daily routine and hobbies. I also developed shoulder pain and was prescribed cortisone shots by my medical doctor. Since using the PEMF Therapy, I feel so much better and happier. I feel a general improvement in my overall wellbeing. My shoulder pain has greatly reduced and has increased in movement. I will continue with the PEMF therapy and forget the cortisone shots.

– Sandy S.

I had developed a limp due to arthritis in my hip. It was very noticeable and I was experiencing a high level of pain. With spinal adjustments from Dr. Rauch, my hip movement was greatly improved, but was still causing me discomfort. I was unsure about the PEMF therapy, but after the first treatment, I noticed that the pain was reduced and my hip became more mobile. The PEMF treatments, coupled with twice daily hip exercises, has given me the ability to accomplish my daily tasks and even walk farther than I was previously able to.

– Aggie M.

I had very limited range of motion in my right shoulder and had a lot of referred pain in my right upper arm from the shoulder. After my first PEMF treatment, almost immediately I felt moderate relief from the pain. By the end of the next day, my pain was gone and my range of motion had returned to normal. Thanks to the PEMF and especially to Dr. Rauch.

– Ron N.

Severe neck, arm, and shoulder pain prevented me from doing ANYTHING. I also suffered from migraines. PEMF rocks! After only four treatments, my neck, shoulder, and arm pain is gone! My migraines which, at times, were debilitating, confining me to bed are gone as well. Six months of physical therapy did not work, but PEMF did. Thank you, Dr. Rauch for giving me my life back!

– Karen G.