Cognitive testing is a valuable tool for assessing and evaluating an individual’s cognitive abilities. These tests measure various cognitive domains such as memory, attention, language, and problem-solving. They help diagnose cognitive impairment, guide treatment planning, and monitor changes over time. Cognitive testing is also useful in academic and occupational settings, identifying strengths and weaknesses in students and aiding in employee selection. Our facility offers comprehensive cognitive testing services conducted by experienced professionals, providing accurate assessments to support optimal cognitive health and performance.

Cognitive assessments are a means of measuring an individual’s cognitive health. For decades,
doctors and scientists have relied on subjective pencil-and-paper tests to measure this.

BrainCheck is a quick and easy way to assess cognitive health using an iPad and interactive mobile games. BrainCheck’s cognitive takes about 15 minutes to complete and assesses brain health across multiple cognitive domains. With immediate, quantitative results, BrainCheck helps clinicians identify cognitive impairment, determine its cause, and provide personalized treatment to patients.