InTENSity™ CX4 Combination                                                                    Electrotherapy & Ultrasound System

Therapeutic ultrasound uses inaudible wavelengths to heat deep tissues of the body, to increase blood flow, and elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons, to promote more motion and healing of the soft tissue.


How Ultrasound and TENS units work

Using a hand held-wand, ultrasound emits sound waves that are able to penetrate 1-2 inches into the body’s soft tissues. As a result, heat is created at the injury site, circulation is improved, and healing of the tissue damage is facilitated. TENS works by applying two pads to the injured area on the body where the unit will emit an electric signal. The electric pulse is able to stimulate the release of the natural opioid pain-relieving system in the body.


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